About Us

Royal Aquatic is a privately owned company proudly serving the wholesale product needs of independent pet retailers across the Eastern US. We offer an unrivalled selection of aquatic and reptile products, and also carry a wide variety of popular dog, cat, bird, and small animal merchandise. At Royal Aquatic, it is our ongoing mission to build long-term business relationships which foster mutual growth and success. Based out of Buffalo, New York, our state-of-the-art distribution center is home to over 10,000 top-selling SKUs.

To ensure that our customers have access to the most popular brands and products, we have established a vast network of industry-leading suppliers. We work closely with our vendor partners to maintain superior fulfillment rates, and to stay at the forefront of the latest market trends. At Royal Aquatic, we are deeply committed to the growth and profitability of our customers’ businesses, and our exceptional service and competitive pricing bear testament to this ideology. We also offer exclusive monthly promotions and specials to help equip our customers with a competitive edge.

The Royal Aquatic customer experience is crafted to set us apart from the competition. Whether we’re dealing with a long-term customer or setting up a brand new account, we aim to exceed expectations at every turn. Each customer is supplied with a secure dealer login, which provides on-demand access to our extensive product catalogue (print catalogues are also available). Purchase orders are easily placed online, by phone, or in person for added convenience. We also offer flexible billing and payment options to accommodate individual needs and preferences.

To maximize customer satisfaction, we employ a talented and highly-trained support staff that is comprised of animal lovers, pet owners, and avid hobbyists. Our experienced sales specialists possess a thorough understanding of the retail environment, and work diligently to provide personalized service to each of our valued customers. They are eager to share their knowledge and expertise in areas including advertising, merchandising, pricing, and just about everything in between.

Getting our products to the right place at the right time is a vital part of our business, and our customers depend on our ability to perform on a daily basis. As we strive for excellence in every facet of our operation, we have invested heavily in our logistics infrastructure. We offer fast and reliable shipping, and employ innovative technology to ensure order accuracy and efficient processing. Depending on order destination, our weekly deliveries are handled by our internal fleet or by one our trusted shipping partners.